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Bahia 21 offers a broad range of security products to meet the changing needs of security and law enforcement, particularly in the wake of 9/11. Applications include, but not limited to:

Explosive detection / Bomb squad equipment
Barrikada-2 replace by Sizo Mobile

Metal Detection

Technical Surveillance Countermeasure

Wireless Security Communicator /PDA

MO-2M is a hand-held explosive vapor detector capable of detecting trace amounts of explosives. Used in screening people, luggage, cargo, vehicles and buildings.

Real time sampling and analysis
Very high sensitivity

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Overtone is a hand-held metal detector designed to screen people for concealed metal objects. Widely used for theft prevention and security applications.

Detects and discriminates between ferrous and non-ferrous objects
Audible and visible indicators of different tones and colors
Two sensitivity levels

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Mole is a hand-held metal detector designed to search for objects buried underground or under shallow water. Applications range from scientific (archaeology) to utility; law enforcement and land mine detection.

Highly sensitive metal detector capable of detecting and locating ferrous and non ferrous objects, low metal content objects as well as non-metallic objects such as plastic land mines.
Indicates object type, depth and dimension
Ground compensation to adapt to various types of terrain
Three detection modes (all metal, selective metal mode, Hodogram mode)
Audio alarm and large graphic display for size, depth, orientation of objects
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The portable non-linear junction (NLJ) detector RFD-23 is intended for search and detection of devices containing semiconductor components such as:

electronic fuzes of explosive devices,
radio microphones, including those remote controlled,
microphone amplifiers,
devices for covering data acquisition in IR,
concealed recording device.
The RFD-23 detects devices switched “on” as well as switched “off”.

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Barrikada-2 replace by Sizo Mobile
Barrikada-2 is a portable radio frequency jamming device designed to deny the activation of explosive devices by remote control.

Operates in both stationary and mobile modes

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The Rubikon is a multi-zone archway metal detector designed to screen people for concealed weapons at control gates

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The portable X-Ray inspection system SXR-150 is designed for the inspection of suspect objects in the field. Typical applications include:

Inspection of luggage, parcels or mail packages,
Screening of vehicles for search of concealed weapons or explosive devices,
Inspection of premises, office equipment, communication facilities, furniture, walls for search of concealed objects and contraband,
Criminal investigation and expertise.
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Wireless Security Communicator / PDA

Bahia 21 has entered into partnership for the development of a national notification system for which we will provide a wireless communication platform able to handle multimedia information (data, voice, video) in a secure wireless network environment. Our platform is based on TACTOP , our multimedia Personal Digital Assistant.

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